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Wann hört man dich auf JAM FM?

Freitags von 23-24 Uhr

Warum hört man dich auf JAM FM?

Because I’m a Berlin legend.

Für was steht dein Dj Name?

My real name.

Welcher ist dein Lieblingsclub?

I play all over europe and have many favourite clubs.

Was ist dein favorite Partysong?

My favourite party song from the 90?s might be Horace Brown’s “Things we do for love” or Montell Jordan’s “This is how we do it”.

Wem würdest du gerne die Freundin ausspannen?


Wann ist eine Party für dich richtig geil?

A party is great for me when I’m on the turntables and the microphone and the crowd sings along whatever I tell them.

Deine Letzten Worte!

“Put your hands up!”

Weitere Infos

I toured as DJ all over Europe with AM2PM opening for US-Superstar 50 Cent. I’ve lend my vocals to several singles (for example the No. 1 Dance Hit “Ghostbusters” by Ivory). I booked many Stars to perform in Berlin (112, Rihanna, Akon, Busta Rhymes, Jagged Edge, and many more).